Only two miles from the Western Group of Temples, Rajnagar (Hindi: the king’s abode) was founded in the first quarter of the 18th century, as the administrative center of the region.

The small city merely has some 13.000 inhabitants. Probably, Rajnagar was founded by a younger brother of the then ruling maharaja of Chhattarpur, who wanted to cut out a kingdom for himself. He would also have built the Fort. After his death, Rajnagar came back under Chhattarpur rule.

Rajnagar is the busy center for the farmers in the broad region (provision, repair of farming machinery, market). Also the public administration, a small hospital, the schools are to be found in Rajnagar, and not that much in the temple city of Khajuraho.

Because up to date this small town has been “forgotten” by developers and tourists alike, it is impossible to buy a cold fizzy drink, not to speak of having lunch or dinner in a restaurant, or to find a hotel.

The overall impression is one of a cosy town where all the different construction styles from the 18th century up until now are to be found in a pristine way. The biggest feature though is the presence of some 13 walled gardens.