Our Mission

ITRHD Belgium, the Belgian Chapter of ITRHD India, collects the necessary funds for the realisation of The Royal Gardens of Rajnagar Project.

With ITRHD (Indian Trust for Rural Heritage and Development) as the driving force, this project aims to revitalize these “lost gardens” in an adapted, sustainable way, in accordance with the ITRHD philosophy: with the help of and for the benefit of the local population.

The project is part of a renovation strategy for the development of Khajuraho and the broader region. The government of Madhya Pradesh supports the plan to develop Rajnagar, the administrative center of some 20.000 inhabitants, as a "heritage village" in the strategy for the regional development.
The main features of the Royal Gardens Project are:

  • The historically informed reconstruction of the royal gardens of Rajnagar with the help of local crafts men and local knowhow
  • The creation of a community seedbank with local varieties of vegetables and fruits; and the cultivation of these varieties
  • Sustainable development through sustainable cultivation techniques such as "conservation agriculture", and sustainable tourism
  • Recently, some SDGs have given the inspiration for specific actions on sustainable community development (see document hereby)

The activities on sustainable agriculture are held in collaboration with Gandhi Ashram (Chhatarpur)