Stakeholders conference

23 Sep 2017


Thu 7 & Fri 8 December 2017

Stakeholders Conference on Cultural and Natural Heritage Assets as a Driving Force in the Sustainable Development of the Khajuraho Heritage Region

Venue:           Payal Hotel (MP Tourism) Khajuraho. 



10.00   Registration & tea

11.00   Welcome by Convenor INTACH Khajuraho

Opening Ceremony & speeches by Chairman INTACH / MD MP Tourism / MP Govt / MLA Naati Raja / Ambassador of Belgium

 12.00   Reception & Lunch

 14.00   SESSION 1 – Presenting the Situation

Keynote: Bundelkhand as an Emerging Region  (Representative MP Govt, Ministery of Urban Development)

            - Presentation CDP Khajuraho (by CMO Khajuraho)

            - Presentation CDP Rajnagar (by CMO Rajnagar)

            - The role of the WHS Western Group of Temples: Present & Future (by ASI)

            - Q&A

 15.30   Tea Break

 16.00   SESSION 2 – Identification of the Natural and Cultural Heritage Assets for the Khajuraho Heritage Region.

Keynote: The 1998 Report Revisited (again)­ (George Varughese, President Development Alternatives)

            - Lost Gardens of Khajuraho (by Ar. Anjaneya Sharma)

- Historical and Cultural sites in the Khajuraho Heritage Region (KHR) (by local chapter?)

- Natural Heritage Assets (incl. water bodies) in the KHR (by Dr. Ritu Singh, INTACH Natural Heritage Division)

            - Q&A

 17.30   end of session

19.00   Dinner and cultural program at Rani Bagh



10.00   Tea

10.30   SESSION 3 – Potential and Contribution of the Heritage Assets

Keynote: Role of Cultural Heritage in Sustainable Development – Prof. Dr. Koen Van Balen (Director RLICC KU Leuven).

- Festivals, rituals and traditions leading way to cultural landscape development. (by Development Alternatives / Taragram Orchha)    

- Traditional techniques and organic farming in Chhattarpur District (by Dr. Bhartendu Prakash / Founder-Director of the Bundelkhand Ressources’ Study Center, Chhatarpur)

           - Heritage assets in climate change (Dr. Hafeez Rehman, Director VITO)     

            - Q&A   

 12.30   Lunch

 14.00   SESSION 4 – The Process of Integration of Heritage Assets for Sustainable Development of the Region.

Keynote: Sustainable Development of Heritage Regions: challenges and opportunities. (by Moe Chiba, Section Chief Officer UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office)

- Heritage assets in the City Development Plans of Khajuraho and Rajnagar (Shikha Jain, Director DRONAH)

- MP Tourism: where will the KHR go? Tourism for Regional Development.

- Heritage Routes in the KHR (Shalini Mahajan, Heritage Consultant UP Tourism / Geert Robberechts, convenor INTACH Belgium)

- Q&A

 15.30   Tea Break

 16.00   SESSION 5 – Role of Stakeholders in the Development of the KHR. 

Keynote: The Role of Stakeholders in the Development of a Cultural Landscape (Prof. Dr. Jan Haenraets, Boston University, USA)

- The 2017 Social Survey of Rajnagar: an Analysis – by Ar. Nishant Upadhyay

- Existing networks and their potential in the KHR (Dr. Ashwani Kumar Dubey, Prof. Govt Maharaja College, Chhatarpur)

            - Discussion Round on KHR’s future by:

                        - ASI

                        - INTACH

                        - Hotel Owners Association

                        - Khajuraho’s Guide Association

                        - Nagar Panchayat Khajuraho & Rajnagar

                        - Collector / SDM

                        - MP Tourism

- Concluding remarks, recommendations and forming a network of stakeholders for future development.

 17.30   end of session / Reception


19.00   Dinner and cultural program at the WHS



Possibility of site visits in the broader KHR (program to be defined)